Friday, December 7, 2007

3 things got lost

Lost in my blogland are my IM experience, my social networking and, oh no! I instant messaged with two colleagues here and sent a Sesame street video about eating cookies (chocolate chip, of course) in the library. I had never instant messaged with anyone before. I have seen the meebo account at the reference desk in action, sometimes "instant" isn't possible though. I guess if the IM account is "on" all the time you can get to it when you have time. Do I sound like an old fogy? I have used the 10things meebo, yea for me!

Speaking of old I joined Eons the social network for the over 50 crowd. I did read an interesting article about how holiday traditions can change when the "kids" leave home. I will pay attention and pass along the games to keep my mind active. I joined a recipe sharing/loving group and invited a couple of friends to join as well. I joined goodreads and have shared book titles with those friends.

As far as delicious goes, I thought it was food related! I added a best movies link from the New York Times. I can see that shared information is a valuable tool, it just takes time to read all there is "out there". I can see the use of the tags for movies, films, books for the library.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lowdown on downloads

Thanks to Ricki, I have succesfully downloaded books to my MP3 player at home and here at the library. It is tricky and I have to thank Jennifer for her input because my player does not bookmark and I listened to the same hour of the first book I downloaded five times! I now know that through North Suburban Digital Consortium I can download parts of a book at one time, listen to them, delete them and add more!

I use our website for all kinds of consumer information and for titles to read and to suggest to patrons. The lists of titles come in handy. Everything is there!

Googled Docs

I can see great uses for shared documents here at the library. One place for all members of a committee to share ideas and thoughts is so convenient. Whether it is a title list or a program presentation this is a good way to share and communicate.

Which Wiki?

I have to admit I have gone to Wikipedia a time or two for a quick answer. I realize anyone can add information there so I am careful about what answers to give to library patrons. It is fast and easy and that's what we all want these days. As far as community trust, I am basically a trusting person so I always like to believe that everyone is fair and trusting but alas, I know that is not true. We have to be cautious and I do believe in trusting my own instincts. Does this "thing" make any sense?

Dark Chocolate

I revisited my podcasting experience and want to report that I have listened to the Sunnyvale Public Library podcast about small business. I can see business topics as a popular choice of library users when choosing podcasts. Of course my other choice is food related, the podcast is called Chicagobites and is a source of reviews of Chicago area restaurants. The first podcast I ever listened to was WGN sports and news. I had forgotten that I had listened to podcasts already! Maybe I am not so in the dark ages!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Podcast posititve

Podcasting, my fastest step yet! It was easy to do and I actually listened (with headphones) to it at my desk. Great way to end the week!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

cake pix

cake pix
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The cake is chocolate, dark chocolate. He is definitely my son. And isn't the bride lovely too?